ONYXCON celebrates ten years in class as we PROUDLY WELCOME ILLUSTRATOR ERIC WILKERSON! And we thank  him for licensing us promotional use of one of his latest masterpieces ' THE OBA' Read about Eric's inspiration below. And visit his website to order prints and even option purchase of original works of ART! Welcome to ONYXCON Eric! BE SURE TO VISIT ERIC's WEB PAGE AND SEE HIS AMZING ART!  http://www.ericwilkersonart.com


 Eric Wilkerson's Art - THE OBA graces ONYXCON's official 2018 flier! 

Eric Wilkerson's Art - THE OBA graces ONYXCON's official 2018 flier! 

ERIC talks about THE OBA - 

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"The OBA"  Oil on Panel 13" x 17". This is one of a few new paintings from an ongoing personal project.  As an African American artist, Illustrator and Afrofuturist, I'm more interested in depicting the farthest reaches of where we can go rather than paint where we've been.  I'd like to believe that one day the first colonists of another planet will consist of those of African descent. Hopefully there will be room out there among the stars to escape the hate and injustice we've endured for centuries.  I may not live to see it but maybe my daughter will.

The name of the character is Issa Zola de la Fuerte.  She is the 47th and current Oba of a distant star system and leader of New Zion, a city within my artbook project. Her name basically means the strong peaceful Godly one.  I designed the character and her wardrobe to exude strength and confidence.  Her tribal markings and patterning are representative of her ancestors and of her status.  I wanted a name that fit what she visually represents.